Sense of Touch

Consent Beyond Sex

“For many of us, this touch is an expected—and joyful—display of affection, something that’s harmless even if uninvited. But that’s not always how it’s received by others. Unwanted touch is always a violation—and respecting others’ autonomy is a value we need to go all in on.”

“If we are people who believe in the transformative power of recognizing our bodily autonomy, we need to incorporate the foundational idea of consensual touch into our conversations….We cannot truly excavate the power of our own pleasure without it.”


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Literacies of Resistance

Even Cinderella is White: (Re)Centering Black Girls’ Voices as Literacies of Resistance

“They identify the English classroom as a space where the marginalization of Black girls is compounded by the texts teachers use which uphold white supremacy by devaluing Black women authors in favor of majority White literary texts. Their piece is a profound call to action that provides an instructional approach as a countermeasure to the cultural forces working against Black girls.”


What is Juneteenth?

“Of all Emancipation Day observances, Juneteenth falls closest to the summer solstice (this Friday, June 21), the longest day of the year, when the sun, at its zenith, defies the darkness in every state, including those once shadowed by slavery. By choosing to celebrate the last place in the South that freedom touched — reflecting the mystical glow of history and lore, memory and myth, as Ralph Ellison evoked in his posthumous novel, Juneteenth — we remember the shining promise of emancipation, along with the bloody path America took by delaying it and deferring fulfillment of those simple, unanticipating words in Gen. Granger’s original order No. 3: that ‘This involves an absolute equality of personal rights and rights of property between former masters and slaves.'”

The Black American Holiday Everyone Should Celebrate, but Doesn’t

“Insofar that modern Americans celebrate the past, it’s to honor the sacrifices of the Greatest Generation or to celebrate the vision of the Founders. Both periods are worthy of the attention. But I think we owe more to emancipation and the Civil War. If we inaugurated freedom with our nation’s founding and defended it with World War II, we actualized it with the Civil War. Indeed, our struggle against slave power marks the real beginning of our commitment to liberty and equality, in word, if not always in deed.”

“Put another way, Juneteenth isn’t just a celebration of emancipation, it’s a celebration of that commitment. And, far more than our Independence Day, it belongs to all Americans.”

Anarchist Cake

Enough With Crumbs – I Want the Cake

“Patriarchy too often throws women crumbs in return for a limited form of power. Women who accept those crumbs are expected in return to uphold patriarchy, internalize its dictates, police other women and never forget that power bestowed is power that can be retracted.”

“We must define power in a way that liberates us from patriarchy’s hierarchies….We must imagine the world we want so that we can redefine what power is, what a powerful woman looks like and how power can be used to subvert rather than uphold patriarchy. We must imagine better. We can imagine better. By imagining that better world, we invent the power required for our freedom.”

Never in the Beginning

An Expert on Concentration Camps Says That’s Exactly What the US is Running

“Not every concentration camp is a death camp—in fact, their primary purpose is rarely extermination, and never in the beginning. Often, much of the death and suffering is a result of insufficient resources, overcrowding, and deteriorating conditions.”

“Another issue is that these camp systems, no matter where they are in the world, tend to fall victim to expanding criteria. The longer they stay open, the more reasons a government finds to put people in them. That’s particularly true if a new regime takes control of an existing system, as the Trump administration did with ours.”

Disengage from Diet Culture

Fatphobia is Ruining My Friendships

“I have attempted to unpack my own fatphobia, destigmatize the word “fat” and disengage from diet culture. But when I turn to the women around me and tell them I’m uncomfortable with the judgmental comment they just made about another woman’s body or their own body, or when I ask them to consider not using the word “fat” in a derogatory manner, they mostly get defensive and angry.”

The Fruit of Genius

Corn Tastes Better on the Honor System

“Western science makes the claim to pure objectivity and intentionally banishes subjectivity from its explanations in favor of reductionist, strictly materialist approaches.”

“What is our relationship to the plant that has quite literally made us?”

“The writings of some early colonists reveal that they thought corn a primitive crop, because it did not require machines or draft animals to cultivate and process, as did their familiar wheat. They mistook the apparent ease with which corn fed the people for a lack of agricultural sophistication, rather than recognizing the genius of the system.”